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National Worker Health and Safety Training Conference and Summit brings together over 200 health and safety activists in successful gathering.

Over 200 representatives of local unions, workers' centers, COSH groups, international unions, national advocacy organizations, public health professionals, and family members of victims gathered together for the National COSH Worker Health and Safety Training Conference and Summit, Oct 28-29, outside of Baltimore.  

"The conference was a historic first--the first national conference bringing together such a diverse collection of people from so many different organizations, learning about tools to make their workplaces safer and strategizing together on how to protect their health and safety on the job," said Peter Dooley, one of the conference organizers.

The conference featured 29 workshops, several panel presentations, and talks by some of the leading figures in the OSH movement including United Mineworkers President Cecil Roberts; outgoing President of the American Public Health Association Linda Rae Murray; Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor Jordan Barab; and the OSH Directors of the AFL-CIO and Change to Win, Peg Seminario and Eric Frumin. 

What Conference participants had to say about the Conference:

       "I have gotten tons of knowledge and skills at this conference, which will help me to do a better job in reaching out to and training workers."

"Very interactive, good speakers, great resources. I got lots of resources to bring back to members, great ideas and very motivational!"

"Wide variety of people, information sharing. Every workshop I went to gave me ideas that I will attempt to bring into our work."

"A great experience, I learned a lot about how to get other people involved."

"Great conference!"



Susan Harwood grant worker training materials: English and Spanish language materials on workers' rights under OSHA, ergonomics, and other health and safety issues.  This collection of factsheets and training materials was produced by the National COSH for use in training programs funded by the Federal OSHA Susan Harwood Training grants program.



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The "National COSH" is the nation's leading advocates for workers' health and safety. We are a network of 21 local and statewide coalitions ("COSH"es) made up of unions, health and technical professionals, and individuals concerned about workers' rights to safety and health. For more information about who we are, click here.

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